14th Bosporan Reading finished

At 24th May finished 14th Bosporan Reading, an international scientific conference, assembling scholars with interest to the history of the Bosporan Kingdom in ancient and medieval time. The conference took place in Kerch (Crimea, Ukraina) for 5 days (20-24th May). During the conference was presented over 100 papers, presentations and posters. The main thema of this year conference was "Archaeological object in the context of history". Two papers (New Greek inscription and graffito from Tyritake as well as Polish Archaeological Mission in Tyritake, season 2012) delivered Alfred Twardecki. At the end of the meeting constituted new scientific council of this annual conference. Alfred Twardecki was invited to be member of this council. 

Members of the "Bosporan Raeding", Kerch, 23 May 2013