Antiquities of the Black Sea.

Antiquities of the Black Sea

Polish-Ukrainian project of inter-museum scientific research cooperation


  1.  National Museum in Warsaw (head of the project: Alfred Twardecki
  2. Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine

The aims of the project are:

1. Academic cooperation

a) Further development of joint, Polish-Ukrainian research projects

b) Studying of results of archaeological works led within project

2.Cooperation in conservation

a) Conservators' cooperation in archaeological site Olbia.

b) Exchange of the conservators visits of co-operating institutions and conservatory traineeships

3. Cooperation in exhibiting 

a) An exhibition of the ancient art of the Black Sea region

4. Cooperation in Publishing

a) Publications prepared under the auspices of the project

5. Archaeological collaboration

a) Archaeological excavations on the anciet city of Olbia.